Ivy Thaide
Costume Designer

Many production companies seek out to hire Ivy Thaide because of her approach as a well-rounded designer. Her ability to mix colors, patterns and arrange finely detailed outfits gives her the edge to stand out among the rest. Inspired by vintage and historical design, Ivy creates and develops a character from head to toe, using the smallest of details to tell a story. Directors and producers, in both television and film, seek her out for her professionalism and creative eye.

Designing over 70 projects thus far, Ivy’s design includes shows like Pretty Little Liars (Ep 611), The Hunted for CBS, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight for the CW network, and a nutty professor for John Cleese in Time Rider for an attraction in Germany. In 2015, while working as Assistant Costume Designer to Costume Designer Salvador Perez on The Mindy Project, they were nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Costume Design in a Contemporary series.

A member of the 892 Costume Designer’s Guild Union and IASTE member of 478 in Louisiana, Ivy loves to travel. Her work has been seen all over the world and she is continually working worldwide. For more information, please download Ivy Thaide’s credit page or access her IMDb page.